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North Muskegon, MI 49445   

The Lawn Barber is a locally owned business here in Muskegon, MI since 1991. We provide a all year service for residential properties and commercial properties. Prices per season, per month, per week, or custom payment plan. From Spring clean up to Lawn Care mowing yards and grass trimming.We also applied fertilizer on lawns. We have a four step program or a custom fertilizer program. Landscaping includes, pruning of bushes or hedges and small trees, re-sodding lawns or re-seeding lawns, Fall clean up the removal of leaves, acorns, and sticks to blowing out sprinkler system to irrigation.Snow plowing for residential driveways and additional cost for salt. Roof raking is also available. For commercial snow plowing we offer snow plowing for parking lots and service driveways. Click on the pictures below for better description on services we provide. We have over 26 years of experience!

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Office phone number:

(231) 766-0863

Office hours 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
We accept   Visa, Master Card,  American Express, Discover card. Also we accecpt checks and money orders.



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Prepare your lawn care and maintenance today! Start your lawn off with a Spring Fertilizer to help it quickly recover from the Winter Season. Call Today to receive a Free Estimate and schedule a Free Lawn Evaluation to help save you time and money by personalizing your Lawn's Program. Call Now, to speak with your Professional, Licensed Technician.

Lawn Fertilizer

  • Non-chemical control methods
  • A four step schedule of fertilization
  • A custom fertilization program
  • Lawn Pest control - Ants, grubs, and other common pests

Landscape Fertilizer

  • Fertilize landscape (plants)
  • Weed control of landscape